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We provide a full port agency service in the Port of Oslo, Norway. Through extensive experience over many decades from providing services to Ship-Owners, Shippers or Receivers we are able to cater your needs during a port call if that entails importing, exporting, domestic movement of commodities or the ship and crew. We can also assist with custom clearance for commodities being imported or exported, as well as land transport.

An outline of services provided at the port of Oslo:

• W- Proforma D/As and information on restrictions at each berth
• The basic port call (Dealing with customs, immigration, port authorities, pilot, linesmen, tug if required etc.)
• Freshwater supply, disposal of waste, sludge, bilge
• Stevedoring
• Provisions / Stores
• Minor repairs performed by regular ship electricians and welders.
• Crew related requirements such as crew changes, doctor and dentist visits
• Custom clearance
• Land Transport

We are confident in given you the best service in the Port of Oslo, will be monitor your call closely, stand by your side, and making sure the port call goes as smoothly and cost efficient as possible.